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This is a band from out in Ohio.  Here's a little bit of information about them and a link to their web site.

Web site:  www.cringemusic.com

"Cringe" is:
T. Cline - Vocals
Ryan Wilder - Keys
Matt Marcum - Drums
Butch Butcher - Bass
TBA - Guitar

They're from the Columbus, Ohio area.

Q:  How long has "Cringe" been in existence?
A:  3 years

Q:  What, as a band, is your favorite part of entertaining?
A:  Crowd response at live shows.  That, and fans singing the lyrics back to us.  There is no bigger rush then 500 kids singing your songs back to you!

Albums released:  Animation - released in 2002
                           Systematic - released in 2000

"You can still find downloads of Systematic all over the internet but we sold out of the first thousand copies and never had it replicated."

First single released:  'Too Far Gone' off of the 'Animation' album.  It's available at MP3.com - Cringe


Here's a review of their CD, 'Animation'.

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