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Austin Healy

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This band plays a wide mix of older cover rock as well as some of their original music.


Meet The Band:

Bob is the bass player.  He offers great sound as well as good vocals to this band.

Al is one of three guitar players in this band.  He offers some great talent on the guitar as well as vocally to this band.

George is the drummer.  He offers a large amount of talent on the drums to this band.

Rob is the second of three guitar players in this band.  He offers good talent playing the guitar and vocally to this band.

Todd is the third guitar player in this band.  He offers talent on the guitar to this band.


The Music:
This band plays older rock covers by Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and .38 Special.

They also play some of their own original music.


Their performance:
The Pros:
This band offers a good mix of older rock.

They have an incredible amount of talent on the stage.

The Cons:
They lack a little as far as enthusiasm goes.

My Thoughts:
They offer a terrific mix of older cover rock music as well as some original music.  The dance floor was busy almost the entire night as a result of the great music and sound.  They don't offer too much on the side of excitement or enthusiasm, but what they lack in excitement and enthusiasm, they more than make up for in their music!


My rating on a scale of one to five (five being terrific) would be a four and a half.  As I said, they lack a little when it comes to enthusiasm, but the music was great!


Here's the link to their web site:  www.austinhealy.com

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