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Welcome to the Minnesota Music web site!

The Minnesota Music web site offers show reviews, CD reviews and interviews with Minnesota's local bands and entertainers, as well as offering information about recording studios, production companies, music promotions and booking companies.  We also occasionally add CD reviews and interviews with some of our friends from out of state.



Cheryl Lyn Thompson (2/22/1975-10/21/2002)
Picture courtesy of Brian Johnson.  Photo taken on October 20th, 2002, the night before she was killed.

Cheri was a common sight in the local music scene and a friend of ours.  She was abducted and murdered on October 21, 2002.  Click here to see an article about it.

Aidan was Cheri's pride and joy.  A fundraiser for Aidan Thompson, Cheri's three-year-old son, is set to take place at Bogart's Place in Apple Valley on November 24th from 5:00p.m. to midnight.  Bands slated to appear:  Austin Healy, Gemini, Faith Nation, Weird Science, The Choppers and the Killer Hayseeds.  All proceeds will go to the Aidan Thompson education fund.  Those of you who may be interested in donating money and may be unable to make it to the benefit can donate  at any TCF Bank location to the Aidan Thompson Benefit Fund.

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We truly do live in God's country...  One of many amazing scenes on a hiking trip in northern Minnesota near Vermillion Falls.

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What's New?
Free Range Pickin' - CD review

A new band, Charade, has been added to the links page.

A new poll has been added.

Information about a fundraiser for Aidan Thompson, Cheri Thompson's three-year-old son, and an article about what happened to Cheri.  (Scroll up to find out more.)

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Recording Studios/Production Companies
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Links To Other Local Music Information Sites

RiplFX Magazine
This is a local entertainment magazine that focuses on central Minnesota (St. Cloud area) and the high plains (Fargo/Moorhead area) issues.  The web site offers a long list of bands, night clubs, and other things of interest to local entertainment fans.


TwinCitiesBands.com  - Your link to the Twin Cities music scene.
This web site offers a huge listing of bands, clubs, events, venues, and more.


City Pages Minnesota Music Directory
This web site offers a HUGE listing of bands and solo artists as well as listings for all sorts of other businesses in the music industry.


Music Scene Network
This web site offers information on everything from bands to clubs to radio stations and more.

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